Top 12 Cool Hotels in Singapore – 2020 (Part 1)

Island city-state located south of Malaysia, this small country has grown from a colonial outpost to an exotic and popular tourist destination. One of the cleanest and most pristine countries in Southeast Asia, Today, it strikes the right balance between vibrant modern consumption and traditional Asian values, and street life. additionally, to Its intoxicating mixture of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures and varied gastronomy, it’s also known for its increasingly green and green accent, conveyed mainly by the dream of a “city during a garden,” with enduring ideas, and a growing number of lush gardens. And even bridges within the jungle from the treetops.
Other gems of his well-adorned crown are his eclectic mixture of striking landmarks, from stately historic temples and stylish colonial buildings to ultra-modern shopping malls and mega-theme parks, not to mention his creative side. A thriving art scene and a burgeoning hipster scene have brought color, vitality, and uniqueness to the orderly island nation. Are you getting to visit and need to remain somewhere to form your trip even more memorable? Here are the good and most original hotels in Singapore (in no particular order)

Klapstar Hotel — Nice Charming Accommodation

Situated within the vibrant Central downtown in southern Singapore, this beautiful boutique hotel is one of Singapore’s hottest holiday destinations. Klapstar Hotel may be a very modern and stylish 4-star hotel in Singapore, within walking distance of Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. From here you’ll easily reach many of the city’s main attractions.
Comfortable, cosmopolitan with a whimsical and stylish design, each of the 17 rooms is uniquely decorated with beautiful Italian furnishings, and a few even have an outside shower and bathtub. Children under 11 stays free, public spaces are bright and welcoming, and therefore, the charming Rabbit Stash restaurant offers modern cuisine and al fresco dining for visitors and locals alike. An idyllic little paradise, and an exquisite place to remain in Singapore! Prices start at $140 per night.

JW Marriott Hotel South Beach

Housed during a large commercial, office, hotel, and residential complex, the 5-star JW Marriott South Beach is housed on a pair of gleaming steel, and glass towers designed by the architects, with interiors designed by the famed Philippe Starck. The central lobby is impressive with painted concrete flooring and a high ceiling decorated with lighting fixtures, and a wall-to-ceiling video installation. The luxurious and ultra-modern rooms are fitted with leather headboards. White and various mirrors and chrome baths and independent. Upgrade and expect butler service, deck, and/or lounge access with complimentary snacks and drinks.
Situated opposite the famous Raffles Building, and just 3 minutes walk from the railway station, this cool Singapore hotel also offers three contemporary bars, two elegant Japanese restaurants, a state-of-the-art gym, a luxury spa, and a stunning infinity pool offering panoramic city views. Stylish a Singaporean hotel to be seen to be believed! Prices start at $170 per night.

Naumi Hotel — a gorgeous and unique art Hotel

This exclusive ten-story hotel on Sea Street has been an iconic feature of the Singapore skyline for over a decade. With clean lines, neutral tones, and quirky furnishings, the exceptional 5-star Naumi Hotel offers modern and contemporary accommodation in Singapore combined with the first-class service. All rooms are uniquely decorated within the sort of icons like Coco Chanel and Warhol and are equipped with Nespresso coffee machines, yoga mats, and smart TVs. Refurbishment includes baths and/or private terraces and balconies. Aromatherapy within the room.
This cool Singapore hotel with an exquisite annex (just 4 minutes walk from the station) also contains a world collection, a fine Indian restaurant, a sparkling infinity pool, a gym, and an excellent bar. Rooftop overlooking the town. Prices start at $150 per night.

Lloyd’s Inn

This elegant minimalist hotel is simply 4 km from Marina Bay Sands and seven km from Universal Studios Singapore. Sleek, industrial concrete walls, muted pallets, and unadorned design has transformed these sleek, modern Singaporean rooms into a quiet and peaceful place within the heart of the town.
Each Lloyd’s Inn Mansion, listed as Exceptional Rooms, is uniquely designed with beautiful minimalist décor to offer you peace of mind. Swish enhancements add private patios and/or freestanding baths. Join your friends in the outdoor pantry for breakfast, or take a refreshing dip within the lovely outdoor kid’s pool. Other hotel attractions include a rooftop terrace and a peaceful garden. Prices start at $110 per night.

W Sentosa Cove Hotel — Design Hotel

With stunning views of the China Sea, the exceptional 5-star W Sentosa Cove offers sumptuous luxury accommodations with many amazing factors. Located in an exclusive residential enclave of Sentosa Bay, Singapore’s main tourist attractions are easily accessible with efficient transfers to and from the island. The contemporary Singapore hotel is nearly a destination in itself, with bold designs and gigantic wall lights, while luxurious designer rooms feature leather headboards, metallic floral motifs, and galvanized steel furniture and furnishings. Decorative also as 40-inch TVs, Bose speakers, and iPod docking stations.
Updates? Unsurprisingly, they really impress with balconies or terraces, and a few have pools, jacuzzis, and sun loungers. Additionally, to the spa, gym, and various shops, visits the Woobar for a coffee or cocktail, sample a gourmet dinner at Quayside Isle Restaurant, or just unwind within the elegant outdoor pool with an underwater speaker’s starting at $200 an evening.

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