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The Top 10 Best Castle Hotels in France

Most folks get older watching Disney movies about beautiful princesses living in a faraway land in a breathtaking castle.
We imagine, we are princesses and build make-believe castles out of bedsheets, and whatever other materials we will consider. But what if you’ll stay in a real castle?

  1. Chateau de Bagnols

    Chateau de Bagnols is the epitome of 5-star luxury.
    The grand structure of the old-time French castle blends seamlessly into its meticulously maintained grounds. To urge inside this once-in-a-lifetime hotel, you want to walk across the first drawbridge and feast your eyes on the stunning entranceway.
    For the utmost French experience, you’ll want to remain within the Château Suite, if you’re trying to find an up-to-date, yet still harking back to old-world France feel, accompany the Chai Suite.
    For a very French countryside approach to your holiday, the Jardin Suite is the thanks to go.
    Whatever you wish to try — swim, walk, keep fit, get pampered, lounge, or fine dining — you’ll do this and more at Chateau de Bagnols.
    You will defiantly desire a princess if you select to remain here, which is why it makes it one of the simplest castle hotels in France.

    2. Chateau de Codignat

    This castle brings you a slice of traditional French culture, right within the heart of 15 hectares of the natural park. Thanks to the sheer size of the magnificent structure with its cascading turrets, you’ll feel as if it’s just you and your loved ones. It’s your very own piece of France.
    Upon arrival, you’ll be starstruck by the first stone exterior and well-maintained window sashes. Then, as you step foot inside you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience needless to say.
    This is far and away one of the simplest castle hotels in France; it doesn’t matter why you’re there, regardless of the occasion, it’ll be unforgettably special. For comfy business conferences, magical weddings, secluded honeymoons, or every week of fine dining, Chateau de Codignatis that the perfect place.

    3. Relais de Chambord

    Looking for a fairytale holiday? Relais de Chambord will offer you exactly that. Set in what looks like a forest glade, you’ll be instantly transported to an entirely new world.
    On the grounds, you’ll opt into magical dining experiences surrounded by tall trees, mystical lanterns, and stunning table setups. Here, you’ll be in your own little universe which is ideal for romantic getaways and honeymoons.
    You have access to 23km of hiking trails that feature private observatories so you’ll stop for a rest along the way and still not miss out on the expansive views. Or, you’ll discover The Domain by bike if that’s more your style.
    Inside, you’ll spend each day relaxing in the spa. Whether you would like a hammam, sauna, pot of herbal tea, or a massage, the Spa by Nuxe can provide it.

    4. Chateau les Carrases

    For all you wine lovers out there, Chateau les Carrasses is the place to be. Why? It’s a 19th-century Languedoc wine estate that has been restored and became your new favorite holiday destination.
    This castle hotel characterizes itself as “authentic and serene” which couldn’t be more accurate. The rear of the expansive property features comfortable deckchairs found under parasols next to the crystal-clear infinity swimming bath.
    Drinks are served poolside whenever you would like to sip on a cocktail while you catch a number of the gorgeous French sun rays.
    For those that fancy a touch more luxury, you don’t need to stay within the suites. You’ll prefer to stay in their extremely high-end private villas. And yes, they are doing include your own private pool, sun loungers, and stunning gardens. This is often why it’s one of the simplest castle hotels in France.

    5. Hotel de la cité Carcassone

    Hotel de la cité Carcassone may be a medieval-inspired fortress retreat. Staying here allows you to be within the heart of a World Heritage Site which you only can’t experience anywhere else.
    It still showcases the Neogothic style it had been inbuilt during the 19th century. You’ll desire you’re there. It’s a singular, magical experience for sure!
    The castle boasts a complete 47 rooms and a bunch of suites (13 to be precise). While each of those features a slightly different style, all of them hark back to ancient France so you’ll get an injection of culture regardless of which bedroom you choose. And, you’ll choose between two stunning views — the old city or the stunning gardens.
    Alongside all of this, you get a plethora of services from online check-in to concierges, from porters to air con. Essentially, whatever you would like, you’ll have at Hotel de la cité Carcassone.

    6. Chateau de Picomtal

    So far, the castle hotels we’ve checked out are pretty huge, but that’s close to change. Chateau de Picomtal may be a small but mighty medieval, turreted castle consisting of only 9 rooms and suites.
    In the highest points of the summer and therefore the snowiest points of winter, you’ll experience nothing but beauty from this hotel and its grounds (especially once you stay within the Louis XVI Suite)! This is often as luxury as luxury gets. With an enormous traditional canopy bed, you experience the very best standard of comfort and decadence.
    Not to mention that you simply can fill your days and nights with activities like guided tours, nocturnal tours, cooking workshops, fine dining, and even concerts!
    If you’re trying to find a more intimate setting, this is often one of the simplest castle hotels in France.

    7. Chateau de la Motte

    Season 1 of Escape to the Chateau brought us the charming couple Dick and Angel Strawbridge who dared to require on the challenge of restoring an abandoned French chateau.
    Well, this is often the chateau. It’s all finished. This dream duo managed to inject some new life into the superb, majestic building. They’ve lived the French fairy tale and have opened their spare bedrooms to you, their next guest.
    Every vertex of this accommodation screams traditional France which merges wonderfully with the agricultural backdrop you’ll end up in. It’s a real pleasure to steer through the grand entranceway and end up enveloped in a homely, yet majestic feeling.
    This will undoubtedly be your luxury home far away from home, making it one of the simplest castle hotels in France.

    8. Chateau hotel Grand Barrail

    This castle hotel has taken French culture and turned it into a contemporary specialty.
    Outside, you’ll find the massive, enticing swimming bath where you’ll take a refreshing dip after an extended day exploring the encompassing countryside. Alongside this, there are pretty gardens backed by the natural reservoir which makes for a very spectacular view — perfect for the photographers among us.
    The interior features elements of traditional French tastes just like the carpets and drapes, but incorporates modern, luxury features that bring your holiday to a subsequent level.
    You should expect nothing but perfection from Chateau hotel Grand Barrail.

    9. Chateau de Sadillac

    So far, all of those have been somewhat romantic holiday destinations for newlyweds and loved couples. However, we’re switching it up with this one since it’s perfect for the entire family — yes, including your little ones.
    For those that remember reading Disney tales like Cinderella and Snow White, once they have been kids, you’ll be pleased to understand that this castle is like those these characters’ abodes. Making it my top pick for the best castle hotels in France while traveling with kids.
    The grounds are exceptional and therefore the interior has been restored to the very best standard. Exposed brickwork may be a design feature during a lot of the nine suites which only adds to the magical experience.
    The owners have managed to include many fun child-friendly elements like playgrounds, televisions, DVD players, trampolines, board games, swimming pools, and more in a very stylish manner. Nothing detracts from the gorgeous view, yet your kids won’t be stuck for things to try.

    10. Chateau de Mercues

    Our final best castle hotel in France is Chateau de Mercues. This turreted beauty stands proud within the vast countryside that gives hours and hours of peaceful exploration.
    Inside, each suite has been designed with one word in mind — luxury. While French culture is often seen in some elements, the designers have incorporated a shocking blend of up-to-date features too. Whatever your tastes, this hotel is the place to be.

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