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Most Dreamiest Countryside Hotels in Italy

When you check into these idyllic hospices in Piedmont, Puglia, you’ll be saluted by extensive pastoral geographies leading to centuries-old structures. When not dining on indigenous cookery or exploring original traditions, the Italian life dolce far enceinte, also known as lounging around, will come your favorite pastime.

Casa di Langa

Trip to the heart of Italy’s Piedmont region, where Casa di Langa welcomes you with rolling hills and hectares of lush stations. This recently opened hostel aims to give luxury through sustainable development, putting guests and the terrain first. Refined in its contemporary and traditional Piedmont design, no detail was spared when GaS Studio and P F took over the architectural and interior design. The natural tones of the lush geography are reflected in the scenery using original accouterments, including Pietra di Luserna gravestone and completely recyclable terracotta. Decorated with cotton, hair and silk and original art, each of the 39 apartments opens onto a private terrace. However, taking an art stint, or learning about original cookery in a cuisine class, If you are not looking for truffles. At your disposal is the Sori blend bar, famed for its wines.


ADLER Lodge RITTEN enjoys an isolated timber position on the Renon Plateau in South Tyrol. It’s a luxurious retreat to connect with nature. Choose the string auto that will take you directly from the near city of Bolzano. This serene hostel consists of 20 Alpine-style beaches, each with a sauna and fireplace. Designed by the mastermind Hugo Demetz, the main kiosk consists of 20 suites with panoramic views of the Dolomites. Interior developer Karin Sanoner has combined classic furnishings with ethical traces to produce a miscellaneous vibe throughout the rustic space. Gourmet dishes have an Alpine-Mediterranean flavor. Cook Hannes Pignater prefers Tyrolean cookery made with sauces, roots, and vegetables from small original directors. Send your day with a dip in the swab water pool that pours from inside the gym to the scent of pine air, or detoxify in the Finnish sauna.

Borgo Santo Pietro

What began as a design drinking nature and luxury in the suitable hands of Jeanette and Klaus Tottrup in 2001 continues to take deeper roots. Formerly possessed by six keys, the 300-acre Borgo Santo Pietro invites you to stay in one of 22 apartments and four suites with private pools. Leading Hospices of the World features traditional and antique furnishings, including custom-made beds and hand-painted showpieces. Ranch-to-plate refections take precedence at Michelin-starred Meo Modo, La Trattoria sull’Albero, and the new Orto pop-up theater eatery. In terms of wines, there are over 1200 markers available. However, learn how sauces are turned into canvases at The Herb House, or use these canvases for treatment at the Seed to Skin Gym If you are more interested in holistic health. And take time to tromp through the lush auditoriums and count the lamb-300 in total. You’ll also find gormandizers, alpacas, cravens, and rabbits.

Castiglion del Bosco Palosanto

Discover the ancient megacity of Vald’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Montalcino, Tuscany, strictly restored by Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo and converted into the Palissandra Castiglion del Bosco. This 800- time-old estate covers acres and features 11 unique estates from the 17th and 18th centuries, each with a heated pool, sundeck, casino, and theater. The hostel’s 42 suites are decorated in soft colors and elegantly furnished with original fabrics, relics, and handcrafted accessories. Some apartments offer views of the vale. Cook Matteo Temperini prepares traditional Tuscan cookery in the upmarket Ristorante Campo del Drago and the trattoria-style Osteria La Canonica. Choose organic yield from the theater and prepare your own food during the cuisine class. Choose from further than a dozen gym treatments, or after an amping run, continue living in the Tuscan sun by the pool with views to the eye.

Hotel Castillo Reschio

Trip to the hills of Umbria to discover a thousand-time-old castle girdled by hectares of hills and timbers. Castello di Reschio pays homage to the original artificer with detailed stucco moldings, sculpted gravestone fireplaces, and an antique workshop of art that are ubiquitous in 36 apartments and collaborative living areas. The proprietor and mastermind, Count Benedict, designed the new hostel, and his artist woman Donna Nencia organized it with her unique trompel’oeil. The estate’s organic theater, stations, and beehives make it possible to enjoy ranch-to-table dining at the epicure caffs Ristorante Al Castello and Il Torrino. The ultimate is set in a converted watchtower overlooking the pool. The more informal Ristorante Alle Scuderie serves simple, fresh food. The ancient bounded basement of The Bathhouse Gym features a plunge pool, brume room, sauna, and two treatment apartments inspired by Roman cataracts.

Filodivino Hotel and SPA

discover the authentic taste of Italy at the Filodivino Wine Resort & SPA in the Marche region, located between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. The ingenious design of three apartments and five suites includes complexion penstocks, natural filaments, and handwrought cabinetwork from recycled accouterments. Wine is the heart of Filodivino. After exploring the stations, enjoy a tasting session in the extraordinary underground basement that spans two bottoms. Continue your trip to indigenous wines with cook Andrea Alessandrelli’s tasting menu at Veranda, a mix of land and ocean. Spend the day detoxing at the hostel’s awful heartiness center. The sauna, Kneipp course, and inner and out-of-door heated hot hogshead will give you a boost. Also, return to the croft for a dip in the perpetuity pool, accompanied by only natural rudiments.

Borgo Canonica

A distinctive point of the Itria Valley in Puglia is the cone-shaped limestone residences called trulli. One of the most luxurious exemplifications of these old cowgirl and ranch houses is at Borgo Canonica. The 15 suites, made up of 42 trulli, are evocative of an old pastoral request city erected in the 1800s. Each is adorned with a lyrical emulsion of wood and gravestone, while the scent of lavender and fruit trees permeates the 14 acres… Every detail of the armature and design complements the traditional Apulian atmosphere. The casual eatery and bar serve indigenous produce similar to orecchiette and burrata, accompanied by original savages. The quietest moments can be spent by the pool, girdled by lush olive trees. For a change of decor, hop on your bike and trip to the graphic villa of Cisternino.

Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

Step into a different period when you arrive in the medieval walled megacity of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, nestled in the Abruzzo Mountains, 4000 bases to be exact. Sextantio Albergo Diffuso was created in an attempt to save and revive this abandoned megacity. This major hostel design combines absolute luxury with traditional design details to elicit the traditions, food, and crafts of history. Handcrafted woolen mattresses and spreads by original needlewomen beautify the 30 apartments, while ultramodern amenities are cleverly hidden down. Locanda sotto gli Archi eatery serves handwrought dishes from original fashions. Wine tasting takes place underground in Cantinon, and original herbal infusions are drunk in Tisaneria or in a teahouse. Immerse yourself in the history of the region with assignments in weaving, cleaner timber, or baking, or pick up some handwrought monuments from La Bottega dell’Artigianato along the way.

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