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Best romantic hotels in London

There’s a reason there are so numerous romantic slapsticks in London; it’s simply one of the most stylish places in the world to be loved. Graphic Little Venice, the major Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral, and Waterloo Bridge (which offers stunning views of the megacity) are just many of the numerous romantic destinations worth visiting any time of the time, and we can not get enough.
But in order for your love to flourish to the fullest, it’s important to choose a hostel with the right atmosphere. Breakfast in bed, complimentary amalgamations upon the appearance, and relaxing gym packages are special traces that can make a difference when you want to prepare. Or indeed ask a question.
Then are ten of our favorite romantic hospices in London.

Author Claridge

A stay at this representational hostel is simply indelible. Why? Because from a luxurious lobby with a grand staircase to a friendly uniformed lifter, Claridge’s is the epitome of luxury. The hostel is famed for its rich breakfast in bed, ideal for those planning to spend the utmost of their time behind unrestricted doors. Couples will also love the cozy Fumoir Bar (formerly a cigar bar) where you can enjoy dateless amalgamations in a lush Art Deco setting. However, Claridge’s is also known for its fabulous autumn tea, which serves hot buns filled with succulent Marco Polo Jelly, If you are feeling further indulgent.

The Colony

A perambulation through beautiful Clerkenwell will take you to lost London one of the winding thoroughfares, hidden cemeteries, and cafés of the old world. The Rookery is a hard-to-reach exchange hostel housed in a Georgian home where you’ll find fireplaces, four-bill beds, and claw-bottom bathtubs. Choose Rook’s Nest Suite overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral and Old Bailey for an indelible romantic experience.

Draycott Hotel

This elegant hostel is located just off Sloane Square, in an assessing red-slipup Edwardian manse. Go outside and see antique relics and tasseled upholstery. It also has a beautiful theater, a rare discovery in central London. In addition to 24-hour concierge services, the hostel offers a unique offer of free snacks autumn tea and manual biscuits, and a glass of champagne at 1800. And hot chocolate before bed (starting at 2130).

Shangri-La Hotel in Shard, London

Positioned fifty bottoms above the bustling thoroughfares of London, this elegant hostel is the most altitudinous structure in Europe and arguably the most beautiful. Bespeak the Romance in the Shadows Package, and you’ll admit a bouquet of flowers upon the appearance, regale in your room with a complimentary bottle of champagne, and breakfast in bed the coming morning. But the real reason you are then’s because of the inconceivable views, from the megacity’s towers to the major Tower Bridge, from then you can see it all. And it’s stirring.


It may be in major Fitzrovia, but Sanderson is surely ultramodern. Housed in a 1950s erection with apartments designed by Philippe Starck, clean lines and satiny furnishings prevail then, and you can not miss the giant red-lipped settee at the frontal office. There are two packages for couples. The first includes complimentary room upgrades, champagne, in-room breakfast, and late check- eschewal. The alternative is to take advantage of the hostel’s gym, which offers a champagne and strawberry message while you lie down in” couples sleep capsules”. Either way, take some time to enjoy a drink in the hostel’s magnific yard theater.

Zetter Marylebone Townhouse

Behind the humble façade of this Georgian home is the eccentric” home” of the evil Uncle Seymour. The spoiler alert is not really real. In any case, at Zetter Townhouse Marylebone you’ll feel like in the home of an eccentric gentleperson. Bespeak your Loft Lear room for the ultimate in the decay-out-of-door restroom. Take a bath with one of the Townhouse bottled amalgamations from the minibar. And if it’s a little cold, you can always ask for a heating pad to take with you.


In 2013, the Sexiest Bedroom award (yes it really is) went to Corfu Suite at Blakes, a stunning white bedroom with mama-of-plum furnishings. But the surprise factor isn’t limited to this durability; Each of the Blakes apartments is collectively decorated and features noteworthy finds from around the world, created by hostel proprietor Anushka Hempel, named by Jennifer Saunders in the film AbsolutelyFabulous. However, choose one of the luxurious“ Director’s Doubles” with luxurious unique scenery and Bang & Olufsen electronics throughout, If you can not get into the Corfu Suite.


This 15- room hostel in graphic Richmond is one of the capital’s most romantic destinations. It borders the Thames with a seaside sundeck and theater that’s beautifully lit at night. The history of the hostel also has love-it was formerly home to the loving muses of the early 20th century, Catherine Bradley and Edith Cooper. Each of the apartments is named after one of his workshops. Make the utmost of your enjoyment, book your Lazy Sunday lift pass, which includes dimansh at the seaside eatery, quelques at the elegant bar, join nuit dans a Chambre de charactère, puis le petit-déjeuner le the coming morning.


Suckers of antique roadshows will find themselves in paradise at this gem of a hostel in Soho, full of ancient vestiges. The 17th-century beds are sculpted from oak; marble hogshead with cranes in the form of catcalls; a mahogany compact (we had to google) and indeed commodity called a”throne restroom” (we had to google too). This is a treasure trove of vestiges and the attention to detail is godly.

Chiltern Firehouse Hotel

There’s no better place to enkindle the fire of desire than this exclusive little hostel, once a Puritanical fire station. There are only 26 apartments and suites, each of which has at least one working fireplace. The atmosphere then’s further uncomely than a hostel, making your stay intimate and particular. Be sure to reserve a table in advance at the iconic ground-bottom eatery, which has come a fave of celebrities in recent times. Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Princess Eugenie are regulars. Just watch out for pilots when you walk into your room after a couple of amalgamations.

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