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Best Luxury Hotels in Northern Italy

Hotel Gritty Palace

The largest hostel on the Grand Canal has come to be a stylish destination for anyone visiting Venice, as the palace was erected by the Doge Andrea Gritti in the 16th century. Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill, Truman Capote, John Ruskin, Henry Ford, Mick Jagger, Giorgio Armani, Robert De Niro, Charlie Chaplin… the list continues. Luxury reigns then hand-painted and inlaid with relics, stucco ceilings from the 18th century, state-of-the-art developer entertainment centers, and, of course, sundecks overlooking the Grand Canal (well, from luxe apartments to lower commodious bones)., everyone can enjoy the water in the eatery or bar with live piano music, or you can watch the side channel)

Hotel Danieli

The Basin of Venice (the bay into which the Grand Canal flows) is girdled by luxury hospices, but none beats Danieli, a 14th-century ducal palace with pink stucco and exquisite marble blocks that has been a hostel since 1822. History, sky-lit enclosed yard with Intricate-Gothic bends, open staircases, banisters, and green potted shops, among which are luxurious salons. It’s worth sticking your head out to see it, indeed if you don’t stay then. The apartments vary, but no matter what, they prefer the lagoon view and try to stay in the original sector, if that fails, in the large apartments of the conterminous 19th-century palace (avoid by all means the padded but comfy 1940s sect.).

Hostel Cipriani

this is the last luxury hostel in Venice to be singly and locally possessed, and arguably the most stylish. It’s located in a magnific insulation at the tip of Giudecca, the only large islet in central Venice not connected by a ground (rather a 10- nanosecond boat lift to Piazza San Marco). Giuseppe Cipriani, the Venetian businessman behind Harry’s Bar and Locanda Cipriani in Torcello, where Ernest Hemingway loved to relax (Cipriani indeed entered the Pope’s story), designed this retreat of several Renaissance palaces in 1959, offering elegant apartments, discreet service, and ultramodern installations.

Excelsior Hotel

Lido would noway have turned into a deepwater resort without the foresight of Nicolo Spada, who in 1907 created the central Moorish- style structure of the Excelsior Hotel. As one of the many custom-erected luxury hospices in Venice, it should not have been. For literal reasons, it’s now necessary to take into account the converted palaces, which is why their architectural plans handed for further commodious demesne than in utmost Venetian hospices. Apartments offer views of the Adriatic Sea (there is private sand across the road) or a small lush Moorish theater. It also has all the gym installations swimming pool, spa, golf, tennis, and sauna.

Villa Margarita

The part of this manor as a guest house has remained largely unchanged since it was erected in the 17th century by the Venetian Contarini family. Cela ressemble toujours multitudinous à une maison de campagne (if votre famille était vénitienne et fabuleusement riche), avec des chambres donnant sur les jardins, an eatery on the side of rue le long du conduit et une propriété sur similaire à ² swimming pool.

Hotel Villa Cipriani

In 1962, Giuseppe Cipriani created his decoration Venetianmini-empire to transfigure this 16th-century manor into a well-equipped hostel. Once home to the muses Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, it sits in a fairytale setting in the medieval megacity of Asolo, notorious for its views of Veneto.

Hotel Greif

Exchange hospices have officially arrived Italy-although so far only Greif seems to have heard of them. The Staffler family has possessed this 500- time-old hostel in Bolzano’s main forecourt, the liveliest city in the Dolomites, since 1796. But in 1999 and 2000, they decided to fully patch it in a minimalist and ultramodern style. Polished sword and original ultramodern style. Art mixed with 19th-century relics and laptops with internet access in every room.

Four Seasons Hotel Milan

In 1993, the Four Seasons opened and changed the rules for luxury hospices in Milan. Seven times were devoted to the reconditioning and metamorphosis of the friary in 1476, a process that brought out numerous rudiments of the Renaissance, including the beautiful friary. The apartments are huge for Italian megacity norms and are equipped with amenities and small luxuries similar to CD stereos and king-size beds. The duplex suites with bounded oils are especially good.

Grand Hotel and De Milan

How do you define excellent service? Since a regular guest, Giuseppe Verdi, who lived 30 times in the room that now bears his name, lay dying in his bed, the hostel sprinkled straw on the thoroughfares under his window every day to drown out the noise of the bus buses, so as not to disturb the rest of the maestro. They’re constantly adding the luxury factor then to make the 1863 look and feel stylish. These are marble shells, lush upholstery, knockout curtains, and antique cabinetwork. Okay, pieces of music pouring fluently from retired speakers might be overpowering, but what would you anticipate from a hostel 3 blocks from La Scala that has hosted queens and tenors for decades


Villad’Este still occupies one of the first places in the short list of the largest hospices in the world. There’s nothing indistinguishable or fake about this place. The manor is a veritable golden age, with precious marble, a list A guestbook, and Conglomerate cabinetwork so authentic that it actually dates back to the time of Napoleon’s rule when the manor belonged to his adjunct. Add to all these several pools (including one floating on the lake), an extensive demesne that hides tennis courts, a fitness center with squash courts and a virtual training field, and three caffs.

Grand Hotel and Borromean Islets

Ernest Hemingway enjoyed this lakeside retreat so much that he took part in the Farewell to Arms program at the hostel. Paying 3200 euros, you can stay in the suite that bears his name (two double bedrooms with huge marble bathrooms each, frescoed ceilings, and a sundeck overlooking the lake). This major hostel from the Italian hospitality assiduity ranks among the most exclusive hospices in Europe. Apartments are sumptuously furnished in a variety of styles, from 19th-century inlaid wood and opulent Conglomerate style to luxurious Italian apartments with lacquered furnishings and Murano glass chandeliers.

Hostel SplendidoSplendido Mare

Portofino is a fishing vill chosen by the world’s nobility as its own little corner of Italy, its little harbor shadowed by yachts, and the hillside Splendido hostel reserved for Hollywood’s biggest names, European nobility registries, and administrative room meetings. The manor itself dates from the 19th century, although its foundation was a 16th-century friary nestled among olive groves 10 twinkles walk above the city. The suites are furnished with antique cabinetwork and ultramodern entertainment centers. The family hostel Splendido Mare is located right by the harbor and is open all time round and offers food overlooking the boats.

Royal Hotel

In such a small city and such a big pop jubilee, once a time you’ll find a cluster of gemstone stars that you infrequently see outside a big benefit musicale. The rest of the time, nearly all of us can enjoy private sand across the road, cozy apartments, a stucco bar, and a magnific pool shaped as if it had been sculpted into the gemstone.

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