Best Luxuries Hotels and Suites in Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, also happens to be the cosmopolitan, cultural, and architectural capital of Europe. This city generally consists of recent and contemporary expressions of art and architecture, like the Sagrada Família church. However, it’s also a city with some great archaeological sites wherein you’ll return into the annals of your time. Barcelona featured a number of great boutiques luxury hotels from which you’ll visit different sites within the city. Below we’ve described the highest 10 luxury hotels in Barcelona in order that you’ll plan your travel in an informed manner.

  1. Hotel Arts Barcelona

The Hotel Arts may be a minimalist luxury five-star hotel present completely on the beach, facing the ocean. This will be great if you’re keen on the ocean, and if you wish awakening with the sound of ocean waves lap up against the shore. However, this also means you’re quite cut-off from the most city and its attractions. Because the public transport in Barcelona isn’t very widely available you’ll find yourself taking tons of cab rides into town. However, if you don’t shall enter the town much, you’ll find many beach sides restaurants in, and round the vicinity of this luxury hotel also. As far because the aesthetic sense of the hotel cares, it feels old-school in its service, however it’s very contemporary and minimalist with its efficient, bright, and really sleek rooms. The lobby of the hotel is actually stunning with an excellent floral display, and therefore, the surrounding gardens are over ground level, so, it makes the entire hotel feel wonderfully green. There are some rooms from which you’ll look out into the ocean, then there are those from which you’ll look out into the town, however there also are those few special rooms which supply you a view of both!

  1. Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona GL

This is yet, one more luxury hotel located in Passeig de Gràcia, and thus it’s great for shopping experiences. However, you ought to be prepared to be met with some truly expensive prices tags. While this location isn’t on the brink of the beach or the Old City, it does attract tons of conveyance, buses, and taxis, and intrinsically you won’t have any trouble getting around. The hotel has been designed predominantly within the neoclassical style, but with modern bathrooms and bedrooms. This hotel seems to be at the very forefront of minimalism, with vast stretches of marble, columns, and staircases, all designed during a chic and minimalist style with gentle creamy color palettes. The rooms feature striped wallpapers that match the aesthetics of the remainder of the hotel. The bathrooms are replete with Bvlgari toiletries, and guests even get complementary Nespresso machines in their rooms.

  1. Pullman Barcelona Skipper.

This boutique hotel is right for those that need a relaxing occupy a luxury hotel, and don’t want to be hassled much by the crowds of the town. It’s located next to the ocean, and intrinsically it is often perfect for a few solitary time, however it’s very difficult to travel to the town due to the shortage of public transportation. The hotel also features a pleasant terrace garden, with a stunning pool in its midst. It features a waterfall that produces a sound that replicates the cadence of the ocean waves itself. The rooms feature a red wall, alongside wood panelings and carpeted floors. There are leather armchairs round the rooms, alongside pressing irons, kettles, and even a menu of pillows! The bathrooms feature separate bath and showers, and that they have toiletries from C. O. Bigelow. If you liked a sea view, you ought to get an area above the third floor, and if you furthermore may need a private balcony, you ought to get a Superior room rather than a typical.

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